Children don’t always know to respect other people’s privacy or boundaries and this can sometimes get them into more trouble than they thought possible. In New Jersey, criminal trespass is a broad statute that encompasses a multitude of different actions and offense levels depending on the circumstances. By retaining an experienced juvenile defense lawyer you can help ensure that your child comes out of this ordeal with no punishment or juvenile record. The Moriarty Law Firm represent juveniles accused of trespassing and are consistently able to get these types of charges dismissed. This is a direct reflection of the devotion and commitment we give to each client’s case. We are able to represent you and your child throughout the entire state of New Jersey. After a juvenile is arrested for trespassing, the court will hold a hearing to determine if the juvenile is delinquent of the crime he or she was charged with. Under New Jersey law, if your child has been arrested for a crime you must get a lawyer to represent them. By hiring an attorney who specializes in defending juveniles, you maximize your child’s opportunity to resolve their trespassing charge in as positive a fashion as possible. The lawyers at The Moriarty Law Firm will dedicate their time and attention to your son or daughter’s case to decide the best defense. One of our attorneys will guide your family through the entire process including the delinquency hearing and resulting disposition hearing to make sure that your child gets the best possible representation and outcome.

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New Jersey’s laws will be the same no matter where you are in the state. However, different judges apply laws differently, and different regions have different “trends” when it comes to interpreting the law. It is important that your attorney understands the local legal landscape just as well as he or she understands the law. We know local judges and prosecutors, and they know us. We can help you navigate this unique legal system.

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