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At the Moriarty Law Firm, we have spent decades defending clients against DWI/DUI charges throughout all areas of New Jersey. Every client is unique to us, and as a result, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and the intricacies of each unique case.  We understand that defending a DWI case in New Jersey is about more than just a plea agreement.  We also understand that we are defending real people with real lives. We do everything in our power to defeat your charges and win your case, as simple as that.

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Proof of Intoxication

After the State proves a valid traffic stop and operation of the motor vehicle, they must then provide proof of intoxication. First, the police officers typically conduct Field Sobriety Tests, such as walking a straight line (“the heel to toe test”) or reciting the alphabet backwards. Under New Jersey law, N.J.S.A. 39:4-50, the legal limit is .08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). The typical means of proof of intoxication is through the use of an Alcotest machine. This machine provides your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to the arresting officer.

It is the State’s responsibility to establish all the requirements for the admissibility of breathalyzer results including that the breath test operator was legally qualified to do so, the breath test machine was functioning properly, and that the breath test was administered correctly. The New Jersey Attorney General is required to approve the methods of breath testing as well as the training and qualifications of the prospective operators. The individuals who seek to administer these tests must be certified to do so. The certification is essentially a license to administer the test and this operator’s certificate must be provided by the State to show that the operator of the breathalyzer machine was licensed to do so. This is just one of many potential challenges to your driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge.

We have an established comprehensive review process that we undertake for each DWI case.  This includes a comprehensive and thorough review of all police reports, lab results, Alcotest results, videos etc..  This enables us to identify key issues and defenses, a method which we have used to successfully defend DWI cases for our clients for many years.

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